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International Women's Day

So it's International Women's Day this week and we are so ready to celebrate women even more than we normally do!

Whatever you are doing as a woman, whatever path in life you have taken, whether you are feeling strong, or weak, confident, or not, we celebrate you this week, and always. You are all amazing!

As female founders of businesses, my sister Faye, and I thought this was a great time to highlight some of our favourite women-owned businesses...some are big established businesses, and some are small. So please click on the links to read more and help share the love between our women.


  • Nicola Gunby of CLIQ. Nicola is Founder and CMO of CLIQ, a social networking and community app that is building communities online, but most importantly offline and fostering meaningful connections and engagement among users who share common interests and values. We love what Nicola is doing and have our own events listed on the app. Find out more here:
  • Maria & Elenia of BAYY Agency. Founders of Bayy, a 360 Marketing Agency. Their services range from experiental marketing experiences and activations, pop up shops, creative gifting PR packs, and digital marketing campaigns. Their clients include some of the biggest artists from Central Cee to Nicki Minaj, and your favourite brands from Juicy Couture to Adidas. We love BAYY and had our first ever gifting boxes created by them. Find out more here:
  • Letitia Sophia. Letitia Sophia is a makeup artist & beauty influencer born and raised in London, UK. Her work has been featured in, Elle, ES Sunday Times, and an honourable mention in Vogue amongst others. Her celebrity clients include Maya Jama, Winnie Harlow, Ella Mai, Rochelle Humes and many more. She juggles a young son and family life with an amazing high flying career and we salute her for this. Find out more here:
  • Alice & Antonia of GBEMI. Sisters and founders of this vibrant womenswear brand. Gbemi seeks to redefine how women wear colour. Known for their bold, adventurous print, bright colours and cool graphics. We are big fans of this brand and had to shoutout a fellow sister duo. Find out more here:
  • Hannah Quarton of Beauty Club HQ. Liverpool-based nail artist and manicurist Hannah left her intense role in fashion to pursue her dreams of creating her own business. As a single mum she defied the odds and set up from her home where she is now booked and busy creating amazing nail creations, as well as training to expand her business further. We love you Hannah. Find out more:
  • Lucy Marsh of Sugar Dough. Avid baker Lucy created her own bakery making cookie dough, cookies and more. After relocating from Manchester to London she will be taking food markets by storm over the next few months so watch this space. Also available to purchase on Deliveroo and on her own website. Tried and tested, we can confirm everything is delicious! Find out more:
  • Ciara of Body By Ciara. Ciara Madden is a fully qualified Personal Trainer with over 5 years’ experience. She’s amassed a huge social following over the years and decided to take her classes online, creating the workout platform Body by Ciara. This has since progressed into a physical site 'Body HQ' which hosts drop in or membership sessions. We have felt the burn in person and it is no joke! Find out more here:  


We have gathered together some of our favourite quotes about women, strong women, and empowerment. 

So save them, screenshot them, share them with others and help to celebrate our women...

QUOTE about women
manifest quote
girl boss quote


  1. Workshops & Events : You could attend a workshop, or panel discussion focusing on women's issues, achievements, and empowerment. This can include talks on gender equality, women's rights, and the history of women's struggles and accomplishments. We have seen so many of these advertised!

  2. Volunteering : You could volunteer for or organise community service projects that benefit women, such as mentoring programs for girls, fundraising for women's shelters or organisations, or participating in events that promote women's health and well-being.

  3. Social Media : You could use your social media platform, however big or small, to raise awareness about women's issues, share stories of inspiring women, and promote gender equality.

  4. Educational Initiatives : You could look at supporting initiatives that promote girls' education and empowerment, such as sponsoring scholarships, donating books and school supplies, or volunteering as a mentor or tutor for young girls.

  5. Self-Care and Wellness : Take time to celebrate and honor the women in your life, including yourself. Practice self-care activities such as meditation, yoga, or pampering yourself with a spa day. Reflect on your own experiences and achievements as a woman, and set goals for personal and professional growth.

  6. Retail Therapy: Lastly you could try a little retail therapy. Elevate your everyday active wardrobe with the new SWEAT SZN SPORT collection. Nothing gets you motivated to move like a new outfit. We have a special discount for our blog readers. Use code 'BLOG25' to get 25% off your order!


We hope you found this blog post worth the read and that you always celebrate yourself, the women in your life, as well as the women you don't know. Be kind always...and remember Queens Support Queens...

Lots of love, Amy and Faye xx